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This Week at the Lynnwood Campus

It’s been a good week, people! On Monday, our low voltage electrical inspection was signed off. On Wednesday, our plumbing inspection was signed off. And on Thursday, our staff spent some extra time getting ready for Saturday’s work party. And speaking of that work party – have you signed up yet? The Big Stuff Still Remaining:…

11/12/2017 – Pursuit of Happiness: Peacemakers

Speaker: Jason Deuman Big Idea: Jesus calls us to be proactive in peace Audio: Download Audio Subscribe to our weekly audio podcast here: iTunes – RSS . Subscribe to our weekly video podcast here: iTunes – RSS.

Groups Questions for the week of 11/12/2017

Groups Questions Icebreaker: What for you is the most peaceful place on earth? Why? Read Matthew 5:9 What are the differences between peacekeeping and peacemaking? Who are people in your life who practice peacemaking? How have you practiced peacemaking in your life? What keeps us from practicing peacemaking? What does peacemaking have to do with…

This Week at the Lynnwood Campus

It was a week of details at the Lynnwood campus! The Kids rooms’ sinks now have running water (thanks, Crown Plumbing!), some furniture was moved into place, and the staff spent time preparing for our volunteer work party that’s happening on the 18th. Have you signed up yet? Tell us you’re coming!      …

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