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Groups Questions for the Week of 09/24/2017

Icebreaker: Share a highlight from your summer. Read Titus 2:1-8 This passage encourages ministry across generations. Who are some older people that have invested in your spiritual growth? How did they do that? Who are some younger people that you are investing in for their spiritual growth? How are you doing that? What keeps people…

This Week at Lynnwood

Last week’s inspection of the fire suppression system went well – we have a few items to take care of, which can be signed off during the final inspection. This week, a tree was cut down to make room for the incoming light poles in the parking lot! The Big Stuff Still Remaining: Resurfacing the parking…

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New Series Starts October 1!

  On October 1st we will begin a new series. When so many are looking for happiness it is important for followers of Jesus to understand where he says true happiness comes from. Hope you can join us.

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