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Creekside Playlist 10/30/16

In Tenderness – iTunes Cornerstone – iTunes Exalted Over All – iTunes Only King Forever – iTunes

10/23/16 – Limitless: Generosity

Speaker: Jason Deuman Big Idea: Audio: Download Audio Video: Subscribe to our weekly audio podcast here: iTunes – RSS . Subscribe to our weekly video podcast here: iTunes – RSS. Play in new window | Download | Embed

Groups Questions for the Week of 10/23/16

Icebreaker: If your house were on fire, what three items would you try to save? Read Matthew 19:16-26.  How do you think this man expects to attain eternal life? Is there a difference between the man’s concern (eternal life, v. 16) and Jesus’ concern (life, v. 17)? Why do you think Jesus is so tough on…

Creekside Playlist 10/23/16

All The Earth – iTunes Lay Me Down – iTunes All I Am – iTunes O Praise The Name – iTunes Exalted Over All – iTunes

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