Groups Questions 04/14/2019

Categories: Church

ICEBREAKER: Describe your favorite road trip? Why is that your favorite? 

Read Psalm 122.

This passage is a song that pilgrims would sing on their way to worship the LORD in Jerusalem. What emotions are captured in this song? Why were they so eager to go to the House of the LORD? 

Reflect on the prayers in verses 6-9. The people would be praying for Jerusalem and their larger community. What does prayer for our community look like today? Consider your daily commute. How could you pray for your community during your commute?

How does the prosperity of the larger community bless others? How does the prosperity fo the larger community bless you? 

During the message, Pastor Jason talked about daily, weekly and annual pilgrimages. What can you do to build this journey toward Jesus into your life? What keeps you from practicing pilgrimage? 

How can we pray for each other this week?