Roatan Home Builds 2014

This year Creekside will be partnering with Dwellings to build two homes on the Island of Roatan.  Below is some information about the families we will be building for.  If you would like to give towards this project you can do so here:

Ebanks Family

Dorn and gang

Dorn Ebanks is one of those community men that everybody knows. He has lived in the West End area all of his life and is very respected for being one of elder men in town. He spent years at sea working in boats for the majority of his life. With what little money he has earned he built the house he now lives in. He now is an elderly man that spend his time at home with his wife Elis, 57. He can no longer work due to age and health issues. His house is slowly crumbling down. He has struggles to repair his house with whatever scrap he can collect, but he has no significant income to be able to restore his house.

6 grandchildren are now living in his house. Ranging from 8 months to 12 years. The house only has two beds. When its night time everyone sort of finds a place to lay down. Either by fitting three or more children in a bed and some others in the couch.

The house they are currently in has rotten roof beams that could give away and cave the roof in at any moment. The walls are beginning to get inclined and are bending away from the house. These could also break and fall at any moment. On top of all of that, when it rains, water leaks all over the house and muddy water runs through the house too. This usually brings health problems to the children who are sheltered here.

A new house will greatly benefit them by giving them a safe place to stay and a stable home where the elderly couple can hopefully rest without worrying about the roof caving in.

Bush Family

Salina Bush

Selina Bush is a single mother in the West End community. She has raised 11 children which are now grown up, except two young ladies who are still at home with her. The newest addition to the family is a 10 month old grandchild. Her life dramatically changed when her husband was murdered 12 years ago. He was the sole provider of the house and his passing left the family in a difficult financial situation. Ever since then she has struggled to provide for her family. Mrs. Bush cannot work anymore due to a weakening health. Diabetes, heart problems and nerve disorders have forced her to stop working.

She lived in an old wooden house until 3 months ago, when she was forced to move out because the house was simply not habitable anymore. There were holes on the floor, the posts that held the house up were deteriorated and crumbling. The whole structure was just not safe anymore for anyone to reside in it. Mrs. Bush moved out to live with one of her sons. He has provided a place in his home, but they are also uncomfortable there due to space.

Mrs. Selina Bush is a great example of someone who would really benefit from a new home. As we spoke, I couldn’t help to notice her excitement and happiness at the idea of receiving a new home. She says “It’s like a dream coming true for me!”

If you would like more information about how you can help with these home builds please let us know by using the contact form in the side bar.