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10mg ambien yahooPastor Jorge Becerra

Genesis 1:26-28

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Mix Tape Web Site Banner

Subscribe to our weekly audio podcast here: zolpidem cambien cnn .

Subscribe to our weekly video podcast here: can i buy zolpidem over the counterambien controlled release generic.

Speaker: Jason Deuman


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ICEBREAKER:  What is your favorite song and why?

Read Psalm 121

The Psalmist is looking to the Hills.  What are some of the things that he might be looking out for? What are some of the things that bring concern into your life (i.e. dangers from people, idols, or circumstances)?

How might the declaration that the LORD is the maker of heaven and earth bring comfort to travelers who sang this song?  How can that same declaration bring comfort to your life?

Of all of the promises in this text about the LORD’s help, which one bring you the most comfort and why?

Read Romans 8:37-39

What does this text promise followers of Jesus?  How does this text bring comfort in our lives?

Where do you need the LORD’s help this week? How can we pray for each other?

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Mix Tape Web Site Banner

We are launching a new series on Sunday called “Mix Tape.” We will be looking at some of the Psalms of Ascent (Psalms 120-134). These Psalms were sung as travelers made their way to Jerusalem. They were essentially the mix tape for a road trip.

We thought it might be fun for the team to make their own mix tapes and playlists to share some of their favorite songs. Come back to often to check out our mix tapes.

Here is Jason’s

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“All In

Subscribe to our weekly audio podcast here: zolpidem cambien cnn .

Subscribe to our weekly video podcast here: can i buy zolpidem over the counterambien controlled release generic.

Speaker: Jason Deuman


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Pastor Jason Deuman

Idea Principal: Nuestra vidas no son de nosotros.

Genesis 1:26-27

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Icebreaker: What community has had the most significant impact on your life and why?

Read Hebrews 10:22-25

1. What is this text calling Christ followers to do? or What is the focus of this text for Christ followers?

2. As we draw closer to God what happens in our lives?

3. How does drawing closer to God foster community?

4. How does building community build us up?

5. Share a time when you went through a struggle and how Jesus used community to encourage you.

6. How can we pray for each other?