MarriedLife in 4D

web-mlGreat marriages don’t happen by accident. So, we want to give you 4 “D-words” that we think every great marriage needs.

Great marriages need DETERMINATION. One way you can determine to make your marriage great is by working together to define your values – your Family Identity. Download the MarriedLife “Defining Your Family Identity” guide. (Have kids at home? Use the Family Life guide instead.)

Great marriages need DISCIPLESHIP, because your marriage will never be better than your relationship with Jesus. We’re going to challenge you to grow closer to Him together. Like us on Facebook to see the downloadables, or pick up a copy on Sunday.

Great marriages need DATES. Quality time is how you preserve the friendship that began your marriage. We’ll offer regular date “cue cards” to help you rediscover the joy of dating your spouse. Like us on Facebook to see what we’re up to this month.

Great marriages need DEPTH. Depth is all about creating emotional intimacy by forgiving the past and working toward your future together. We think the best way to build emotional intimacy in a marriage is through intentionally serving your spouse in ways that speak their “love language”, so we’ll help you do that with regular serving challenges. Pick up your top secret serving challenge on Sunday!

Ready to get started? Pick one D-word, and go for it!