New to the Team


We’re excited to have you on our team, helping kids discover, trust and love Jesus! Here are a few things you need to know before your first day:

  • Please arrive and be in your area 30 minutes before service begins. If you’re serving at the 9:30am, be in the lobby to pray at 9am. If you’re serving at the 11:15am, be in the indoor playroom (next to the Oceans room) at 10:45am. If you are attending the 9:30 service and serving in the 11:15am, please duck out of service a few minutes early, if needed, in order to be on time for prayer at 10:45. You may miss the last song, but you’ll be serving your team and the families by being on time!
  • When you arrive at the entrance to the Kids wing, let the hosts know it’s your first day serving.
  • If you have kids with you, let the use the self-check station to check your kids in. Plan to keep them with you for a few minutes until their room leaders are ready for them. (Around 20 minutes until service, you can step out of your room to take them to theirs.)
  • If you have a question about your role or your team, please contact your Team Leader. (Hint: Save your Team Leader’s cell phone number to your cell phone!)
  • If you wake up sick on a day you are scheduled to serve, please text your team leader.
  • If you realize in advance that you will not be able to serve on a day you’ve already been scheduled, please find a sub. (See below.)
  • We subscribe to Planning Center Online for scheduling purposes. You’ll receive invitations to serve, reminder emails and team communications from this system. Once a quarter, we’ll ask you to log in and block out dates you’re not available to serve, so that scheduling will automatically work around your availability. Please make sure to read these emails so you can stay in the loop!

Thanks for taking the plunge, serving Jesus, and loving on Creekside families.

Finding a Sub

Because we schedule a quarter at a time, you won’t always have your availability ready when we create the quarterly schedule. If you decide to make plans for a Sunday you’ve already been scheduled to serve, please don’t leave us in a pinch. Instead, help us find a sub:

1. When you realize you can’t make a date you’re scheduled,  look for a teammate to switch with. 

  • Post to the Facebook Creekside Kids Leadership Team group.
  • Check our team directory here. (This list works like an unlisted phone number: you can only get to it if you have the link, so bookmark this link.) Find someone in the same role as you, email them and ask if they can cover for you. Offer to take their next scheduled date. (You can even email multiple people at the same time if you’d like.)

2. When you’ve found someone to switch with you, email your team leader. DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP. If we don’t know who’s serving in your place, you’ll be getting the phone call when you’re 5 minutes late! If we know who’s serving, we can keep the system up to date, and then we’re all looking at accurate information all the time.

Thanks for your help with this. Your team leaders ask you to take responsibility for your own scheduling because if we handled that, we’d be up to our eyeballs in the personal schedules of 90+ people at any given time! Your help allows us to better equip you and your team to help kids discover, trust and love Jesus!