Mission Purposes Values

Our Mission:

Helping people discover, trust and love Jesus Christ.

Our Purposes:

Worship, Community, Ministry, Spiritual Growth, Outreach and Serving.
Everything we do at Creekside, we want to do on purpose. For more info, read our Creekside Ministry Model.

Core Values:

A Course of Discovery – We value the discovery process in everyone’s faith journey. The more we discover about who Jesus is, the more we discover about our own humanity.

A Culture of Trust – We know that trust is something that has to be earned, and churches have a lot of earning to do. We want to build a culture where people trust Jesus, and each other.

A Community of Love – We are not meant to be alone. We believe that the church can be all that God has called us to be only when we build a community of love in which we can know and be known by others, built around our common bond in Jesus Christ, empowered and encouraged by the Holy Spirit.