We believe that we were created to be in community with others. We are not meant to do life alone. Community groups are a vital way to connect with others.

Most of our community groups are discussion-based and revolve around our Sunday teaching, book studies, or various curriculum like Divorce Care, Financial Peace University, and more.


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Be sure to check the blog for resources and questions for your groups.

Recent Blog Entries

Groups Questions for the Week of 11/19/2017

ICEBREAKER:  What are your favorite traditions around Thanksgiving? Read Matthew 5:10-12 What is persecution? Why does Jesus tell his disciples that they are blessed when they face persecution? According to Jesus, who else faced persecution for righteousness? Why are people able to endure persecution? Persecution of Christ followers is still very real in the world…

Groups Questions for the week of 11/12/2017

Groups Questions Icebreaker: What for you is the most peaceful place on earth? Why? Read Matthew 5:9 What are the differences between peacekeeping and peacemaking? Who are people in your life who practice peacemaking? How have you practiced peacemaking in your life? What keeps us from practicing peacemaking? What does peacemaking have to do with…

Groups Questions for the week of 11/05/2017

Icebreaker: We are approaching Thanksgiving and Christmas. What is your favorite thing about this time of year? Read Matthew 5:8 Jesus says, Blessed are the pure in heart. What comes time mind when you hear that? Pastor Jason talked about purity of heart being an undivided heart. What are the things that fight to divide…

Groups Questions for the week of 10/29/2017

Icebreaker: Discipline is not always easy. Share a time when you’re ready disciplined in a creative way. Read Matthew 5:7 How would you describe mercy? Why does mercy lead to blessing? When have you received mercy from others? Share a time when you had an opportunity to be merciful. Read Zechariah 7:9-10 What does the…