We believe that we were created to be in community with others. We are not meant to do life alone. Community groups are a vital way to connect with others.

Most of our community groups are discussion-based and revolve around our Sunday teaching, book studies, or various curriculum like Divorce Care, Financial Peace University, and more.


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Be sure to check the blog for resources and questions for your groups.

Recent Blog Entries

Groups questions for the week of 7/3

Icebreaker: If you had to sell something door-to-door what would you choose to sell? Why? Read Luke 10:1-3. How are Christian disciples like workers in a harvest? What is the job description of a harvest worker? How are Christian disciples like lambs among wolves? What is Jesus trying to say by making this comparison? Read…

Groups Questions for the Week of 6/19/16

Icebreaker: What is one thing that you dreamed of being great at when you were a kid? Read Luke 9:37-45.  What feeling is behind Jesus’ words in v. 41?  After Jesus heals the boy, what does he teach his disciples?  What is the significance of that teaching? Read Luke 9:46-50.  How are the disciples gauging “greatness”…

Groups Questions for the week of 6/13/16

Icebreaker: When was the last time you said something that you regretted? Read Luke 9:18-27.  Why would Jesus be interested in this kind of opinion poll (v. 18)?  Why does he ask the follow-up question (v. 20)?  Why do you think Jesus did not want his disciples to tell anyone that he was the Messiah?…