We believe that we were created to be in community with others. We are not meant to do life alone. Community groups are a vital way to connect with others.

Most of our community groups are discussion-based and revolve around our Sunday teaching, book studies, or various curriculum like Divorce Care, Financial Peace University, and more.


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Be sure to check the blog for resources and questions for your groups.

Recent Blog Entries

Groups Questions for the Week of 4/10/16

Icebreaker:  Would you rather be a movie director or a movie critic?  Why? Read Luke 6:37-38.  What activities does Jesus commend here?  Which does he condemn?  What promise is connected to those actions, and what does it mean? Read Luke 6:39-40.  What is the point of this parable?  What is Jesus trying to warn against?  What kind of people do you think Jesus…

Groups Questions for the Week of 4/3/16

Icebreaker: Describe a time when you were disappointed by something you had looked forward to. Read Luke 6:12-16.  Why do you think Jesus went away to pray here?  What do you think he was praying about? What is significant about how Jesus chose the apostles?  What do we know about these men?  What was unique…

Groups Questions for the Week of 3/27/16

Icebreaker: When you were a kid, who were some of your favorite comic book characters or super heroes? Read Luke 6:27-36.  How would you sum up the point Jesus is making here?  Do you think Jesus wants people to literally do the things he mentions in verses 29-30 in all situations?  Why or why not? Jesus…

Groups Questions for the Week of 3/20/16

  Icebreaker: What is an example of a rule you had to follow that you thought was silly? ·      Read Luke 6:1-5.  What is the main issue here for the Pharisees?  What is the main issue for Jesus? How does Jesus clear up the issue of the Sabbath? ·       Read Luke 6:6-11.  When have you felt the tension between obeying…

Groups Questions for the Week of 3/13/16

Icebreaker: Have you ever been in a desperate situation and had to flag someone down for help? What happened? ·      Read Luke 5:12-16. By touching the leper before he heals him, what is Jesus demonstrating?  Why do you think Jesus says to the leper, “Don’t tell anyone” after he heals him? ·      Who are the “outcasts” in our…