FamilyLife in 4D

web-flGod designed us, as our children’s parents, to be their primary pastors. We want to give you 4 “D-words” that will help you do just that.

Our kids need us to DEFINE our family identity, because kids who come from families that know what they’re about have a stronger sense of their own identity at an earlier age. Ready to do that? Check out the Family Identity Guide.

Our kids need us to DRIVE the road, guiding them along the path of spiritual milestones as they grow up.

Our kids need us to DISCUSS the moments, initiating conversations intentionally to help navigate the development of their faith. These discussions are how we guide our kids from one spiritual milestone to another. Learn more about Godsightings, and pick up the current FamilyTime guides on Sunday, or like us on Facebook to get downloadables.

Our kids need us to DO LIFE together, because we were created to live and grow in community, and you need the support and encouragement of families who have been where you are. We’ll offer regular challenges, as well as community group information, to encourage you to get to know other families.

Are you ready? Get “on the road” by attending a 1st Steps Workshop so we can help you get started.