Groups Questions for the Week of 11/19/2017


ICEBREAKER:  What are your favorite traditions around Thanksgiving?

Read Matthew 5:10-12

What is persecution? Why does Jesus tell his disciples that they are blessed when they face persecution? According to Jesus, who else faced persecution for righteousness? Why are people able to endure persecution?

Persecution of Christ followers is still very real in the world today. It has been said that the church flourishes in the midst of persecution. Why do you think that might be true? What is something that our group could do to help people who are facing persecution? We can show our support for brothers and sisters facing persecution by going to

Read Hebrews 12:1-3

Where does this passage say we can find encouragement? How does the “cloud of witnesses” help us in the midst of hardship and persecution? How does Jesus’ example help us endure hardship and persecution?

What are you facing right now that is requiring great faith? How can we are praying for you in the midst of these challenges?

11/12/2017 – Pursuit of Happiness: Peacemakers

Speaker: Jason Deuman
Big Idea: Jesus calls us to be proactive in peace


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Groups Questions for the week of 11/12/2017


Groups Questions

Icebreaker: What for you is the most peaceful place on earth? Why?

Read Matthew 5:9

What are the differences between peacekeeping and peacemaking? Who are people in your life who practice peacemaking? How have you practiced peacemaking in your life? What keeps us from practicing peacemaking? What does peacemaking have to do with being children of God?

Read Ephesians 2:14-18

What does this passage say Jesus accomplished through the cross? What does that peace look like for us? What groups are strongly divided in our culture? Where can we be peacemakers in those situations?

Read Matthew 5:21-26

How does our anger keep us from being peacemakers? How does holding a grudge hinder our spiritual growth? Are there people that you need to forgive? How can we be supportive and encouraging to help each other be peacemakers?

How can we pray for one another?

Groups Questions for the week of 11/05/2017


Icebreaker: We are approaching Thanksgiving and Christmas. What is your favorite thing about this time of year?

Read Matthew 5:8

Jesus says, Blessed are the pure in heart. What comes time mind when you hear that? Pastor Jason talked about purity of heart being an undivided heart. What are the things that fight to divide our hearts?

Jesus promises that the pure in heart will see God. How does that work? Sometimes seeing God may be recognizing when God is at work. Where have you seen God work in your life? How does a heart focused on Jesus help us see God at work?

Read 1 Corinthians 10:13

What does this passage tell us about our temptations? What does this passage tell us God promises us when we face temptations? How does having a pure heart help us to see the path out of temptation?

How can we pray for each other this week?


Groups Questions for the week of 10/29/2017


Icebreaker: Discipline is not always easy. Share a time when you’re ready disciplined in a creative way.

Read Matthew 5:7
How would you describe mercy? Why does mercy lead to blessing? When have you received mercy from others? Share a time when you had an opportunity to be merciful.

Read Zechariah 7:9-10
What does the Lord command the people to do in this passage? What is the Lord concerned with extending mercy to the vulnerable? In this passage justice is not only concerned with punishment, it is about righting wrongs. How can we be people who do justice and love mercy?

How can we pray for each other this week?


Groups Questions for the week of 10/22/2017


ICEBREAKER: When you are really hungry, what kind of food do you crave?

Read Matthew 5:6

What does righteousness mean? Whose righteousness could Jesus be talking about? How does our understanding about whose righteousness shape the way we understand this passage?

Where do we see righteousness? How does righteousness come about?

Jesus promises that those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled. How does righteousness satisfy?

The spiritual Discipline that pastor Jason talked about this week was fasting. What is your experience with fasting?

Read Isaiah 58:1-11

According to this passage, what is the true purpose of fasting? How does our fasting help others?

What could we do without in order to help others? How is this tied to righteousness?

How can we pray for each other this week?

Groups Questions for the week of 10/15/2017


Icebreaker: What is a distinct family trait that you inherited?

Read Matthew 5:5

What does the word meek bring to your mind? What are some negative images of meekness? What are some positive images of meekness?

What does Jesus mean when he says the meek will inherit the earth? What do people need to do to inherit something?

How does patience in our relationship with God help build trust? What are things that you are waiting on from God? What makes this waiting difficult? What have you been learning from this waiting?

Read Isaiah 40:29-31

What is the LORD promising in this passage? Where do you need strength from the LORD? How can we encourage each other in our waiting?

How can we pray for each other this week?

10/15/2017 – Pursuit of Happiness: Meek

Speaker: Jason Deuman
Big Idea: Jesus blesses those who serve others


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Groups Questions for the Week of 10/08/2017


Groups Questions

ICEBREAKER: We’ve all heard the expression “comfort food”. What are your comfort foods? Why do you find comfort in those?

Read Matthew 5:4

What do you find shocking about this verse? What does Jesus promise here? Where does Jesus say that comfort comes from?

When have you experienced mourning? Where did you find comfort?

Read 2 Corinthians 1:3-7

How does Paul describe God here? How does Paul describe Jesus? How does Paul describe the mutual experiences of sharing and comfort? How have you seen the church and fellow Christians express this?

What keeps people from entering into mourning with others? What do you think would help us to be better at comforting those who are mourning?

How can we pray for each other?

Groups Questions for the week of 10/01/17


Groups Questions

ICEBREAKER: Share one of your guilty pleasures. (It could be a TV show, favorite move, favorite food)

Read Matthew 5:3

What does the phrase “poor in spirit” bring to mind? Why? What does Jesus promise to the poor in spirit? What does Kingdom of Heaven mean? Why would Jesus’ declaration here be shocking to people?

Read Luke 18:9-14

What do you know about Pharisees and Tax Collectors? Why do you think the Pharisee would pray this way? Do you ever find yourself praying like this? Why do you think the tax collector prayed that way? Jesus says the tax collector went home justified. Why?

The habit that Pastor Jason encouraged us to practice is confession. Have you ever practiced confession with others? What was your experience? How can this group help us to practice confession, to live in humility?

How can we pray for each other?