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Let's show hair loss who's boss, together! Get the Guide! Ugh! He did agree to try it, finally. While obsessing over my hair loss consumed most of my life several years ago, I now focus on wearing awesome, undetectable faux hair! Read about my hair loss journey and why wearing faux hair has been the best beauty decision I've ever made. Feel free to send me a message here. Lauren, have you posted an update on your experience with Spiro? I just started it and would like to hear more about it. I love hearing great news like this! This is long, but please let me know if you or anyone else has any helpful input. I have hair that grows to aroudn my elbow length. Lately when I shower I shed lots of hairs the same length . I also shed long hairs too. The hair near the front of my head is more light weight and fuzzy, little curling tendrils. Am I experiencing miniaturization and losing all the new hairs near the front? one more important point: I am female. Thanks. Just started using two days ago for thinning hair. I am 63 years old. I hope it works for me, I will let you all know how I do and how it works for me. HI Having the same issue. It is the thyroid drug causing you hair loss. Every thyroid pill I have been on makes me go bald. Ask your doc about xymogenics T150. I did not have hair loss on this. Also your need to be on 100 mg of spiro for hair loss. Spiro can not overcome thyroid pills or some other drugs. But the rest of your med history looks like your doc knows what they are doing. Hi I am also on spiro. You need to be on 100 mg. It causes breast enlargement. It is a diuretic, i lost 10 pounds so I find it interesting you are gaining.First 3 months on spiro you have dred shed, stick though it. By the 6th month you will start to see good results. It brought back a full head of hair for me the first time. I made the mistake of going off it and am starting over. Also how is your estrogen and progesterone levels? If they are too low you will gain weight and lose hair. I suspect this is really the issue.You are 5.4 and 129lbs in a very healthy weight range, you lucky to be there at 62. Hello I am currently using spiro for acne and I do not have a problem with my hair shedding or being thing. I was wondering while im on this medication will it affect my hair I mean will I grow more of it? I also have some hair on my face and on my stomach will that hair go away? Should I not have seen an improvement by now? When did your shedding start? Have you gotten your hormone levels tested? I wonder how much is due to menopause versus anything else? I have never heard anything about it enlarging breasts. Did you get any MORE growth, or thicker growth? I watch this blog with much interest and much admiration. Lauren, you are beautiful in your toppers and out living your life and such an inspiration. I cannot begin to tell you! I am 23 years old female experiencing hair loss. I was on the Mirena IUD for 7 years without a menstrual cycle. First for a period of 5 years where I saw no hair loss then when I put in the second one 2 years ago I noticed my hair was thinning only on the left side of my scalp and my hormone levels are normal as well. My first visit with the dermatologist is in November. When did you have your blood work done? If you just got off birth control, your body could definitely still be feeling some residual affects from being on it. I would definitely see about getting you levels retested in a month or two, ideally on day 3 of your cycle. If you got blood work done while on birth control, then I would demand a retest, as levels are automatically controlled while on b.c. It is encouraging to read that after all this time your hair is still acceptable even though thin. Over the last month, my acne has slowly returned and I had not realized just how thick and lush my hair had become until I began pulling it out of the shower drain. I am right back where I started. My reason for discontinuing Spiro was a desire to taper off prescription drugs in the hopes a healthy, clean, organic diet would take care of the rest. In this case, I have had great results with Spiro and I have started taking it again. Hi KB, how many milligrams were you on and for how long? Has anyone else experienced itchy scalp with their hair loss? And has Spiro helped with that aspect of it? The itchiness drives me crazy. Hang in there!!! I am sure you will find something that works for you. Everyone is different. Keep me posted on how the Spiro works for you. It should! It help with that, for me, right away. I sure hope it does! Please keep me posted how you do and if you increase up how you do! Have you tried rogaine Anyone else on here have good or bad rogaine experiences? It confirmed AGA. It said mild and early with slight decrease in follicular density. However, looking at my head I would disagree. The derm thinks we probably have an issue of CTE going on as well with the AGA. A sample taken from another place on the scalp could show something different but the fact that it showed some miniaturization means an AGA component is definitely there. Boo. Did you hair come back and look better after stopping the Keranique after 6 months or remained looking worse? There are just no guarantees in this hair thing I know but boy, wow, I am just so afraid of doing something to get myself below baseline! Make myself crazy! The Rogaine, or Spiro, did not cause any additional shedding for me. After the Keranique I tried many different moisturizing shampoos to help stop the breakage and brittleness from the Keranique. There is no significant residual damage from it. May be coincidental, but I when I stopped the Keranique, I also started to take other supplements, including Hair Supplements from Natural Well Being. I did not think they were making a difference, so I stopped because they were expensive. However, once I stopped, I noticed my hair was more lifeless, flat and looked thinner, so I started the supplements again. I did not gain any weight while on it and it helped my skin beautifully. Are you prone to hair loss to begin with? Thanks for sharing, Hiannah! Sorry about the darn auto-fill mistakes above. I meant it to be acne in the above post, not ache. My Docotor, yesterday, put me on Aldactone 100 MG for thinning hair, but after reading all the above comments about the medicine causing extra shedding and more thinning, I am worried. Will my hair come out in clumps, or will it shed my hair than start re growth, I do not need to loss more hair? I am wondering if I need to take the Aldactone? Did you every get back on Spiro? If so, is it helping? If not, are you doing something else that is working. I have been prescribed Spiro but am nervous to take it. What dose did you start on? My derm prescribed 100mg a day, but I am so scared to start taking it. Everyone complimented me on my hair, I was seriously stunned and so happy! Too bad that a few years later, I realised that all this came with a very high price. The hormones , gave me multiples liver angiomas, one of them is 6 cm big right now and I need to get checked regularly. I had another very bad acne episode in 2013 and, as scared as I was, I took the contraceptive pill for 6 months only and it cleared my skin again but my hair benefited a bit from that cure. So today I bought Spiro but 2 days ago the shedding has suddenly stopped for no reason. It comes and goes randomly, so I guess my hormones are all over the place, even if from my blood tests a few months ago everything was normal. I will keep you posted to tell you how it will go with the Spiro. I am planning on taking 50mg per day for the first month and then go to 100 mg if everything goes well. PS: I was also thinking about using Minoxidil . 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