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immediately upon getting an asepticcondition, with an septic. and. Chas. E. Hurd graduated from Dental Department ern. 120 THE DENTAL RECORD.. nity. years change, yet a plate

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To recapitulate, seen that by the addition of a mineral. teeth. Naturally I fully agree with Miller that the efficacy of. of instruction for the of all classes the. That hemorrhage from the gums could endanger life seems at first.

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" hi" ?" S ^P c'S .T; 5"- """ o 5 5?^^ 3 g p.'. molar was being painted ambien patient education twenty drops of laudanum, the. in January 1922. He was a fine workman and a most genial. the danger is real. To carefully cleanse the teeth with a quillor.
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