Groups Questions for the Week of 12/03/2017

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Groups Questions
ICEBREAKER: Share a time when you made a big promise and you were able to keep that promise.

Read Luke 2:25-32
What do we know about Simeon? Where was he? What did God promise him? What don’t we know about him from this description?

Why did he go to the temple courts? What does it mean to be moved by the Spirit? Share a time when you were “moved by the Spirit” to do something. What was the outcome?

If you were Simeon what would you expect to encounter when you would meet the person who would save your people? What did Simeon actually encounter? God keeps his promises, how has God Kept his promises to you in ways that you didn’t expect?

What are some key words that come from Simeon’s description of Baby Jesus? As we close our group for this quarter how can we pray that Jesus would be the light for people that we know and love?