This Week at the Lynnwood Campus

Categories: Church,Move to Lynnwood

Huge thanks to the 50 people who turned out to serve on Saturday! We started the day with a pretty ambitious list of rooms to empty, furniture to move, boxes to take to Goodwill, walls and surfaces to clean, and more miscellaneous tasks than you can image.

And you know what’s super cool? We got the entire list done. More to come!


The Big Stuff Still Remaining:

  • Resurfacing the parking lot (completed!)
  • Replacing the carpet & bathroom flooring downstairs (completed!)
  • Adding electrical outlets to downstairs office space (completed!)
  • Sound system installation & inspection (completed!)
  • Plumbing inspection (completed!)
  • Finishing fire alarm system & inspection (completed!)
  • Parking Lot Lights (completed!)
  • Outdoor irrigation & landscaping (in progress!)
  • Purging & Cleaning (completed!)
  • Touch-up Painting
  • General inspection for occupancy
  • Packing, Moving, Unpacking, Finishing Touches