Groups Questions for the Week of 11/19/2017

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ICEBREAKER:  What are your favorite traditions around Thanksgiving?

Read Matthew 5:10-12

What is persecution? Why does Jesus tell his disciples that they are blessed when they face persecution? According to Jesus, who else faced persecution for righteousness? Why are people able to endure persecution?

Persecution of Christ followers is still very real in the world today. It has been said that the church flourishes in the midst of persecution. Why do you think that might be true? What is something that our group could do to help people who are facing persecution? We can show our support for brothers and sisters facing persecution by going to

Read Hebrews 12:1-3

Where does this passage say we can find encouragement? How does the “cloud of witnesses” help us in the midst of hardship and persecution? How does Jesus’ example help us endure hardship and persecution?

What are you facing right now that is requiring great faith? How can we are praying for you in the midst of these challenges?