This Week at the Lynnwood Campus

Categories: Church,Move to Lynnwood

It’s been a good week, people! On Monday, our low voltage electrical inspection was signed off. On Wednesday, our plumbing inspection was signed off. And on Thursday, our staff spent some extra time getting ready for Saturday’s work party. And speaking of that work party – have you signed up yet?

Doesn’t this fireplace look like a cozy spot to make a new friend?

Our gorgeous new Mother’s Lounge will have live video of the service, so mamas can take care of their littlest ones without missing a thing!

The Big Stuff Still Remaining:

  • Resurfacing the parking lot (completed!)
  • Replacing the carpet & bathroom flooring downstairs (completed!)
  • Adding electrical outlets to downstairs office space (completed!)
  • Sound system installation & inspection (completed!)
  • Plumbing inspection (completed!)
  • Finishing fire alarm system & inspection (completed!)
  • Parking Lot Lights (completed!)
  • Outdoor irrigation (in progress!)
  • Touch-up Painting, Purging & Cleaning (11/19 Work Party!)
  • Landscaping
  • General inspection for occupancy
  • Packing, Moving, Unpacking, Finishing Touches