This Week at the Lynnwood Campus

Categories: Church,Move to Lynnwood

Great stuff happening this week! The sound & media installation is being finalized and is nearly ready for inspection; our fire alarm company has finished their work so we can call for re-inspection of the fire system; and we’re waiting on the city for the electrical inspection of the parking lot lighting. Progress!


The Big Stuff Still Remaining:

  • Resurfacing the parking lot (completed!)
  • Replacing the carpet & bathroom flooring downstairs (completed!)
  • Adding electrical outlets to downstairs office space (completed!)
  • Sound system installation & inspection (almost complete!)
  • Finishing fire alarm system & inspection (awaiting inspection)
  • Parking Lot Lights (awaiting inspection)
  • Touch-up Painting
  • Landscaping
  • General inspection for occupancy
  • Packing, Moving, Unpacking, Finishing Touches