Groups Questions for the week of 10/01/17

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Groups Questions

ICEBREAKER: Share one of your guilty pleasures. (It could be a TV show, favorite move, favorite food)

Read Matthew 5:3

What does the phrase “poor in spirit” bring to mind? Why? What does Jesus promise to the poor in spirit? What does Kingdom of Heaven mean? Why would Jesus’ declaration here be shocking to people?

Read Luke 18:9-14

What do you know about Pharisees and Tax Collectors? Why do you think the Pharisee would pray this way? Do you ever find yourself praying like this? Why do you think the tax collector prayed that way? Jesus says the tax collector went home justified. Why?

The habit that Pastor Jason encouraged us to practice is confession. Have you ever practiced confession with others? What was your experience? How can this group help us to practice confession, to live in humility?

How can we pray for each other?