Groups Questions 07/23/2017

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ICEBREAKER: What is your favorite kind of soap?

Read Malachi 2:17
Why do the people think the lord is acting unfairly toward them? Why do you think we are quick to point up unfairness?

Read Malachi 3:1-5
Who is the messenger that is going to come? What is the messenger going to do?
How did Jesus fulfill this prophecy? How did he cleanse the temple? The people? How is Jesus continuing to cleanse us today?

What does it mean to bring offerings in righteousness?

Read Micah 6:8
Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk humbly with God. How can we carry these commands out in our lives today?

What is keeping us from doing so? How can we encourage each other in these commands?

How can we pray for each other?