Groups Questions 06/18/2017

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Icebreaker: Share a time you received an unexpected invitation. What was the event? Did you go? What was the experience like?

Read Mark 4:1-20

What stands out to you in the story of the farmer? What is the farmer doing? What does Jesus say the seed represents? 

Jesus came and shared the word of God with people knowing not every seed would take root. Why did he do that? 

The farmer casts seed all the way to the edges of his field. The path, thorns and rocky soil are on the edges. What would the farmer have to do to expand his field into those areas?

We all know people that are like the path, the rocky soil, and the thorns. What would we have to do if we wanted to “prepare the soil?” What role does prayer play in this process?

Who are some people that we are praying for?