Groups Questions For 06/04/2017

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Groups Questions
ICEBREAKER: Who are some people in your life that have been good examples of serving? Why do they stand out?
Read Romans 12:3:8
How does this passage encourage us to think about ourselves (v.3)? How do we do that? What does sober judgment mean?
What metaphor does Paul use to describe the community of faith? What distinctions are present in “the body”? What unifies “the body”?
Paul talks about spiritual gifts. What are these gifts for? Where do these gifts come from? Are there any gifts in this list that have been easy for you to exercise? How did you know? Are there any gifts that were/are more difficult? Why do you think they were difficult?
Serving others requires that we see the needs around us. What do you think keeps us from seeing those needs? What can we do to better see the needs of others?
How can we pray for each other?