Group Questions for the Week of 4/23/17

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Icebreaker: If you were laid off from your job, where would you go to get yourself together?
Read Luke 24:13-35. What were the two disciples talking about as they walked along the road? What emotions come through in their words as they are talking about these things? What plans do you think they were making for the future?
From what you know of the Old Testament, what scriptures or stories do you think Jesus talked about with the two disciples? Why do you think Jesus did not immediately reveal himself to these disciples? Why do you think Jesus “acted as if he were going farther” in verse 28?
Have you had a “Road to Emmaus” experience, where Jesus surprised you in some way? What happened? What things have you come to understand about who Jesus is and what that means for your life? What things do you think you still need to understand better?
How can we pray for each other?