Groups Questions for the Week of 4/16/17

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Icebreaker: Describe a time when you recently woke up very early to do something out of your normal routine.
Read Luke 24:1-12.   Given what these women experienced in the last few days, how would they feel as they went to the tomb? How would they feel when they saw that it was empty? Why would the other disciples not have believed them?
How did the world change at the resurrection of Jesus? What difference does his resurrection make in your life? How often do you think about it
If you were one of the original disciples of Jesus, what would you have done immediately after finding out that he had risen from the dead? How would your life be different? What would you plan for your future?
Have you ever tried to explain the resurrection to a non-believer or someone who was unfamiliar with it? What was the experience like? What key points did you focus on?
How can we pray for one another?