Group Questions for the Week of 4/9/17

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Icebreaker: Where do you like to go when you need some time to yourself?

Read Luke 22:39-46. What strikes you about Jesus’ prayer?  For what reason(s) do you think Jesus was in so much anguish? What did Jesus mean by praying, “your will be done”?
Read Luke 22:47-53. Why do you suppose the crowd that came for Jesus was so large? How do you think Jesus felt when Judas kissed him on the cheek? How do you think Judas felt?
Read Luke 22:54-62. Given Peter’s statement in v. 33, what accounts for his actions now? How would you describe Peter’s personality? How do you think he felt about himself at this point? When have you felt like Peter?
What is significant about the events surrounding Jesus’ arrest? Do you think God planned them to be this way? Why or why not?
How can we pray for each other?