Groups Questions for 3/26/17

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Icebreaker: What is the most impressive building you have ever been in?

Read Luke 21:1-4. How does the poor widow’s offering differ from the offerings of the others? What point is Jesus trying to make? How should this point change the way that we give?
Read Luke 21:5-7. What was special about the temple? Considering how the Jews felt about the temple, how do you think they felt when they heard Jesus’ words?
Read Luke 21:8-24. Why do you think Jesus takes time to give this warning to his disciples? What events would take place in the lives of the disciples that these words might bring comfort and clarity to? What specific commands does Jesus give to his disciples? Which of those commands are applicable to us today?
Read Luke 21:25-38. How often do you think about Jesus’ return? How often should we think about his return? What is the evidence that one’s life is focused on Jesus’ second coming?
How can we pray for one another?