Group Questions for the Week of 3/19/17

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Icebreaker: What was the last big exam that you had to prepare for? How did you do?

Read Luke 20:1-8. What are the “things” (v. 2) that Jesus has been doing? What about these things would worry the chief priests? What interests are they trying to protect? What people, things, or events led you to recognize Jesus’ authority? How is his authority played out in your life today?

Read Luke 20:9-19. How does this parable relate to the question of authority raised in Luke 20:1-8? What do the landowner, the tenants, and the servant represent? Why do you think Jesus chose this time to tell this parable?

Read Luke 20:20-26. What trap was this spy using on Jesus? What was he trying to get Jesus to say? What would be the repercussion for Jesus if he had said either, “do pay taxes” or “don’t pay”? What is so insightful about Jesus’ response? How is Caesar’s ownership of the coin like God’s ownership of us?

Read Luke 20:27-40. Why do you think the Sadducees are asking Jesus this question? How seriously does Jesus treat this question? How do you deal with someone who wants to argue scripture with you? How do you react when you don’t know the answer to a sincere question?

Read Luke 20:41-47. How does Jesus establish his authority here? What are his intentions in saying these things?

How can we pray for each other?