Group Questions for the Week of 2/26/17

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Icebreaker: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what would you bring with you?
Read Luke 18:18-30. Why did the ruler initiate a conversation with Jesus? What do you think the ruler expected Jesus to say? Why do you think Jesus chose to say what he did? How do you think the disciples felt when they heard Jesus say this? How do you suppose the ruler’s life was different after this interaction with Jesus? How would you have responded if you were the ruler?
Read Luke 18:31-34. What kinds of emotions do you think Jesus was feeling at this point? How were the disciples feeling? Why were they still not fully understanding Jesus’ mission?
Read Luke 18:35-43. From this story, what do you know about the beggar’s handicap? What do you know about his faith? Have you ever felt like the beggar in this story? Have you ever held back from asking Jesus for help because you felt he was too busy for you? What would you say to Jesus if you saw him walking by right now?
How can we pray for one another?