Groups Questions for the Week of 11/27/16

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Icebreaker: What would you bring as a gift for the baby Jesus in Bethlehem?

Read Matthew 2:1-6. Why was it important that Jesus be born in Bethlehem? Since the Magi were pagan astrologers, why would they leave everything in order to follow the star? Why do you suppose the Magi were the only ones who followed the star to Bethlehem? Why do you think Herod was so concerned that the baby be found?
Read Matthew 2:7-12. Look at the responses of the Magi upon seeing Jesus. How was their response similar to when you met Jesus for the first time? How was it different? What do the star, the Magi, and the gifts teach about the nature and significance of Jesus?
In your journey toward God, how are you like the Magi? Have you had to leave anything to follow Jesus? Have you had to make sacrifices?
How can we pray for each other?