Groups Questions for the Week of 10/16/16

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Icebreaker Are you more likely to think without acting or act without thinking?

Read Matthew 20:25-28. What contrast does Jesus set up between the Gentile kingdom and God’s kingdom?  How does Jesus model this new way?  How can you serve other people with Jesus as your example?
Read James 2:14-18.  In one word or phrase, what is the focus of this passage?  What kind of faith is James criticizing?  Have you ever been challenged to put your faith in action in a major way?  What happened?
Read Philippians 2:3-11.  What does it mean to “consider others better than yourself” (v. 3)? Who do you admire because they put the needs of others ahead of their own? How is being humble different from being passive or weak? How does this passage challenge our culture’s definition of success?
How can we pray for each other?