Groups Questions for the week of 8/14/16

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Icebreaker:When you were a child, who insisted that you stay clean (wash your hands, take a bath, wear clean clothes, etc.)?  How did you react to that?

  • Read Luke 11:37-44.  Why do you think Jesus did not wash before the meal?  How would you sum up the three “woes” in verses 42-44.  What is the significance of Jesus telling the Pharisees that they are like unmarked graves?
  • Read Luke 11:45–54.  How would you sum up the next three “woes” in verses46-52?  What do you think Jesus means when he talks about the key to knowledge (v. 52)?
  • What kind of a person does Jesus seem like in this passage?  How would you describe him?  Of the woes directed toward the Pharisees, which one do you think is most applicable to your own life?  How would you like to change your life in light of what you read here?
  • How can we pray for each other?