Groups questions for the week of 7/3

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Icebreaker: If you had to sell something door-to-door what would you choose to sell? Why?

  • Read Luke 10:1-3. How are Christian disciples like workers in a harvest? What is the job description of a harvest worker? How are Christian disciples like lambs among wolves? What is Jesus trying to say by making this comparison?
  • Read Luke 10:4-8. What is the purpose of traveling light (v. 4)? What kind of guest are the disciples supposed to be? Why?
  • Read Luke 10:9-16. What is their core message supposed to be? Why is Jesus communicating such a sense of urgency? What are the pros and cons of being aligned with Jesus (v. 16)?
  • Read Luke 10:17-24. How did the mission trip go for the disciples? What coaching does Jesus give? How do you feel about the “harvest” in your community? What would it take to improve it?
  • How can we pray for each other?