Groups Questions for the week of 6/13/16

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  • Icebreaker: When was the last time you said something that you regretted?
    • Read Luke 9:18-27.  Why would Jesus be interested in this kind of opinion poll (v. 18)?  Why does he ask the follow-up question (v. 20)?  Why do you think Jesus did not want his disciples to tell anyone that he was the Messiah?
    • What does it mean specifically to you to: a.) deny yourself, b.) take up your cross daily,  c.) follow Christ, and d.) lose your life?
    • Read Luke 9:28-36. Why would Jesus take these three disciples to this event?  Why did Peter misunderstand it? What lesson is God teaching here? How did Peter misunderstand the lesson?
    • When it comes to listening to Jesus, what kinds of problems do you run into?
    • How can we pray for each other?