Groups questions for the week of 6/5/16

Categories: Church,Groups,Rescue Mission


  • Icebreaker:  Tell about a time when you had to “make do” with a meal, a repair, or a project.
  • Read Luke 9:1-9. What is the mission that Jesus gives his disciples here? What do you see in this passage that strikes you as odd or surprising?
  • Who is someone you admire because they dared to give their life to a mission? What would you say is your personal life’s mission (besides putting food on your table)? How does that mission relate to the mission of God? What could you do in the next week to help you better live out your life’s mission?
  • Read Luke 9:10-17. Why do you think Jesus took his disciples away to be alone after they returned (v. 10)? Why did Jesus view the hungry crowd so much differently from the way the disciples viewed it? What do you think was going through the disciples’ heads as they collected the leftover food?
  • What situation in your life currently seems insurmountable? What would you need to do to submit that situation to Jesus?
  • How can we pray for each other?