Money Myth #4: My Offering Doesn’t Really Make a Difference

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Jesus talked about money . . . A LOT. He told us, “Where our treasure is, there our heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21). It is no surprise that talking about money is a sensitive issue; it’s tied to our hearts. When our heart attitudes are confronted with truth, we always react. Do we get angry? Do we leave the conversation? Or do we humbly change? Much of our sensitivity comes from misconceptions/myths about the Bible’s teaching on money. In this blog series, we’ll look at some of the myths that people wrestle with.

Money Myth #4: My Offering Doesn’t Really Make a Difference.

There is great article from Relevant Magazine titled, “What Would Happen If the Church Tithed?

We might think our tithe is such an insignificant amount that it doesn’t really make a difference. We might look around our church and think, “there are plenty of people here who give, the church doesn’t really need my money.” Both of those statements focus on ourselves instead of what God wants to do through our obedience.

The local church is resourced by the tithes of their community. The Relevant article points out that, on average, 10-25% of a local congregation tithes. Imagine what could happen in Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood and the surrounding region if everyone followed Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 23:23. If everyone who calls Creekside their home church tithed, we would have no problem funding the ministries that Jesus has called us to. We would be able to launch multiple campuses. We would be able to build churches around the world. We would be able to serve our community in a way that would get their attention, and we would have more opportunities to point them to Jesus and his love, grace and mercy.

Your offering makes a tremendous impact in helping the church help people discover, trust and love Jesus.