You can help build a church in Uruguay!

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When we talk about helping people discover, trust and love Jesus we are talking about across the street and around the world. When we talk about multiplication we want to see more churches in our community, but we also want to see more churches in places where the Gospel of Jesus is not well known. We have been partnering with Michael and Denise Mills in Uruguay for several years. Uruguay is a nation that has Atheism written into their constitution.
We want to partner with believers in places like Uruguay, and help them to proclaim the hope they have and see lives rescued by Jesus. In 2014 we built a church in Belen, Uruguay. This year in July we are sending another team to build another church in the city of Paysandú. If you would like to join this team, please email the team leader, Tom Huber, and let him know that you are interested.
Creekside, you already paid for the materials for this build through the Christmas Missions Offering. There are people in Paysandú who have started doing some of the work to prepare for the team that we will be sending in July. Will you be on that team?