Groups Questions for the Week of 4/10/16

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Icebreaker:  Would you rather be a movie director or a movie critic?  Why?

  • Read Luke 6:37-38.  What activities does Jesus commend here?  Which does he condemn?  What promise is connected to those actions, and what does it mean?
  • Read Luke 6:39-40.  What is the point of this parable?  What is Jesus trying to warn against?  What kind of people do you think Jesus had in mind when he was saying these things?
  • Read Luke 6:41-43.  Using the example in Jesus’ parable, what is an example of a “speck of sawdust” that someone might have in his or her eye?  What is one thing for which you are tempted to judge other people?  What do you think is underlying reason that that things stirs up judgment in you?  What can we do to help ourselves to become less judgemental?
  • How can we pray for each other?