Groups Questions for the Week of 4/3/16

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Icebreaker: Describe a time when you were disappointed by something you had looked forward to.

  • Read Luke 6:12-16.  Why do you think Jesus went away to pray here?  What do you think he was praying about?
  • What is significant about how Jesus chose the apostles?  What do we know about these men?  What was unique about this group?
  • Read Luke 6:17-26.  What has this crowd gathered?  How does Jesus meet their needs?  What point is Jesus trying to make with these blessings and woes?  How do his actions match his words?
  • How do the values that Jesus talks about here compare to the values we see in the media today?  If you were to add another “blessing” or “woe” to correct modern behavior, what would it be?
  • How can we pray for each other?