Groups Questions for the Week of 3/27/16

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Icebreaker: When you were a kid, who were some of your favorite comic book characters or super heroes?

  • Read Luke 6:27-36.  How would you sum up the point Jesus is making here?  Do you think Jesus wants people to literally do the things he mentions in verses 29-30 in all situations?  Why or why not?
  • Jesus told us to love our enemies.  Who are Jesus’ enemies?  What made them his enemies?  How did Jesus show love to his enemies?  How does he continue to show love to them?
  • Have you ever shown love to an enemy?  How does this description of love challenge you personally?  How would the world look different if everyone practiced these principles?  How would your life look different if you always practiced these principles?
  • In verse 35, Jesus talks about a reward.  What is the reward?  What are we asked to give up in order to get this reward?
  • How can we pray for each other?