Groups Questions for the Week of 3/13/16

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Icebreaker: Have you ever been in a desperate situation and had to flag someone down for help? What happened?

·      Read Luke 5:12-16. By touching the leper before he heals him, what is Jesus demonstrating?  Why do you think Jesus says to the leper, “Don’t tell anyone” after he heals him?

·      Who are the “outcasts” in our society?  How would it look for us to touch those groups with the love of Jesus?

·      Read Luke 5:17-26.  If the man came for healing, why did Jesus raise the issue of forgiveness?  How do you think the friends who lowered the man through the roof would have responded to Jesus’ words? How did the Pharisees respond?  What was their motivation?

·      Who are you most like in this story–the paralyzed man?  The friends?  The Pharisees?  What need would you bring to Jesus if you met him face to face?

·      How can we pray for each other?