Groups Questions for the Week of 3/6/16

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Icebreaker: Please share one of your favorite memories from a birthday party.

  • Read Luke 5:27-39.  After Jesus called Levi to follow him, Levi threw a party.  Why do you think Levi threw this party?
  • Who was at this party?  Why do you think the religious leaders were upset with Jesus attending this party?
  • Jesus’ invitation for Levi led to a celebration with all of Levi’s friends.  What do you think would happen if you threw a party to tell people about what Jesus has done in your life?
  • Why is Jesus questioned about fasting?  How does he respond?  What is he implying with these examples?
  • Jesus came to bring healing to sick people, physical and spiritual.  How have you seen Jesus bring healing in your life?  How did you react?
  • If you were going to throw a party for Jesus, who would you invite?  As we are leading up to Easter on March 27th, let’s take some time to pray for our friends that we want to share Jesus with.
  • How can we pray for each other?