Groups Questions for the Week of 2/28/16

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Icebreaker: What kinds of things are most likely to cause you to worry?  Money? Health? Friends? Family? Work?

  • Read Luke 12:13-21. What was the man’s problem in this story?  What was Jesus’ solution? When have you been like the man in this story?  If your life were to end tonight, what might be your biggest regret?
  • How does our culture work against Jesus message in this parable?  What can you do to instill the principle of this parable in your own life?
  • Read Luke 12:22-34.  Why do you think Jesus tells his disciples not to worry?  What is the worry quotient in your life right now?  What specific things can you do right now to help you reduce your worry?
  • How can we pray for each other?