Groups Questions for the Week of 2/21/16

Categories: Church,Groups,Preparation For Mission


Icebreaker: Have you ever had a great experience being part of a team?  What was it like?

  • Read Luke 5:1-4.  Put yourself in Simon-Peter’s situation.  What would you be thinking or doing?  How would you have responded to Jesus? 
  • Read Luke 5:5-11.  How did Peter respond to this miracle catch of fish?  How did his response compare to the miracle when Jesus healed his mother-in-law (Luke 4:38-39)?  What did Peter believe about Jesus? 
  • Read Luke 5:27-32.  Tax collectors were despised as the most sinful in their society.  What might be a modern-day equivalent of this kind of person?  Why did Jesus choose to eat with tax collectors?  How do you think Simon-Peter and his friends felt about that choice?  What can we do to model our lives after Jesus in this kind of situation? 
  • How can we pray for each other?