Groups Questions–Week of 2/7/16

Categories: Church,Groups,Preparation For Mission


Icebreaker:  What is something unique about your hometown?  Why did you leave?

·       Read Luke 4:14-21.  This scripture talks about five different elements of Jesus’ mission. What are they?  How did Jesus fulfill that mission then?  How is he fulfilling it now?

·       Read Luke 4:22-30.  What was different about Jesus that caused the people to ask, “Is this Joseph’s son?” (v. 22)?  Why did the people suddenly become angry with Jesus?  Why do you think Jesus fled instead of staying to address the angry crowd?

·       What is the mission of Creekside Church?  How do you see that mission lived out in what we do and how we do it?  How is your life a part of that mission?  How should it be?

·       How can we pray for each other?