Groups Questions for the Week of 12/6/15

Categories: Church


ICEBREAKER: What do you look forward to around Christmas?

  • Read Luke 1:5-7
    Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth were people who honored God all their lives. They were old and they were unable to have children. Why do you think they were able to remain faithful to God in the midst of their hardship? How do we live out faithfulness in hardship today?
  • Read Luke 1:8-25
    What is the Angel’s message to Zechariah? What is this child going to do?
  • How do you think you would have responded if you were in Zechariah’s shoes? Why?
  • What big questions do your find yourself wrestling with from time to time? How can those questions lead you to trust God more?
  • How does Elizabeth respond to all of this? What does this tell us about her hope? How can we share our hope in Jesus with people during this season?
  • On Sunday we were asked to write down the people that we are praying for and inviting to Christmas Eve Services. Who did you write down? How can we pray for each other as we are sharing our hope?