Groups Questions for the week of 06/07/15

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Groups Questions

Icebreaker: What is or was your favorite job? Why?

Read Colossians 3:22-4:1

Paul commands slaves to obey their masters and work with all their hearts.  Why is this command so important? How does the command to work with all our hearts play out in our jobs?  What keeps us from working this way?

Paul’s commands for masters is to, “provide your slaves with what is right and fair.” What does this mean?

Slaves and masters both ultimately submit to Jesus as a shared master. How does this shared submission to Jesus change our relationships?

As we close our time together let’s be sure to pray for the very real and current struggle of many who are trapped in physical slavery today. Also, let’s be praying for people that we know are trapped in slavery to sin.

How can we pray for each other?