Groups Questions for the Week of 04/12/15

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ICEBREAKER: Why do you think super heroes are seeing a resurgence in popular culture?

Read Acts 9:1-9

How does this text describe Saul? What was his original mission? How did Jesus rescue Saul?

Imagine you were a follower of Jesus in Damascus and you heard that Saul had been saved by Jesus. How would you have reacted to this news? Why?

Read Acts 9:10-18

Jesus calls a man named Ananias to go to Saul. What does Jesus say about his mission for Saul (v.15-16)? Why do you think Jesus called Saul to be his apostle?

Read Colossians 1:21

What does it mean to be enemies with God? How has Jesus rescued you and transformed you from an enemy to his friend?

Is there anyone in your life who you would be surprised if they ever became a Christian? Let’s wrap up our group time praying for these people.