Groups Questions for the week of 3/29/15

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ICEBREAKER: Have you ever been on a team (sports, work, serving projects) that worked really well together? Tell us about that experience 

Read Psalm 133:1 

The people who originally sang this psalm were gathering to worship the LORD. How can gathering to worship help build unity? What do you think keeps God’s people from experiencing this unity?  

Read Matthew 5:23-24

Do you have any conflict with God’s people? One of your friends, family members, or someone at work even?  How can Jesus help you resolve conflict to bring unity?

Read Psalm 133:2-3

What are areas that Jesus wants you to be a stronger representative of His presence in the world? 

What are some areas that Jesus is challenging you to make Him not just part of your life, but all of your life? 

How can we pray for each other?