Groups Questions for the week of 3/8/15

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ICEBREAKER: Growing up, what song did you get excited to hear and/or sing? 

 Read Psalm 126 

1.  The Jews had been exiled from their home for centuries. What are the feelings expressed within this passage as they return home? Can you think of a time in your life that you felt similarly?  

2.  In verse 2, laughter and joy fills the hearts of the people. Tell us about a time when God did something that surprised you and brought great joy to your life. 

 3. Verses 3-4 are a prayer for those who have yet to return home from captivity. Who are you praying for specifically, that you want God to draw home to Jesus and set them free? 

 4.  Read verses 5-6. Life can sometimes be difficult, and it can be hard to see the benefit of pain and patience. Tell us about a difficult time you’re currently sowing seed in, having faith that Jesus will bring about a good harvest. 

 5.  How can we pray for you?