Groups Questions 07/13/14

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Icebreaker: What is your favorite room in your house? Why?

Read John 14:1-4

What is Jesus promising to his disciples in this passage? Why would this promise be comforting for Jesus’ disciples?  How does the promise of being in the presence of God comfort you today?

Read John 14:5-7

Jesus declares that his is the only way to the Father in v. 6.  Why do you think people today have a hard time with this truth?  How would you respond to someone who would say that Jesus is a way, a truth, and a life?

Read John 14:8-14

Do you think the promises Jesus makes in these verses are “blank check” promises? What does Jesus mean when he says that his disciples will do greater things? What does it mean to ask for anything Jesus’ name?

How can we pray for one another?